Blundell Elementary School


Our School Story

Our School Story:

Blundell Bobcats are…friendly, kind, welcoming, caring, supportive, encouraging, accepting, etc.  These are just a few of the key words used by students, parents and staff when they were asked to describe what made our small and diverse learning community "great."  More than 90% of the responses emphasized the people in the community and are reflective of our school’s motto: “Together: Learning and Caring.” 

They are also reflective of our Social Responsibility focus on being S.H.A.R.P (Safe, Helpful, Accountable, Respectful, Positive).  Each day, we strive to live by these values through our thoughts, actions and words. 

Blundell benefits from the expertise of an experienced and caring staff.  Their committment and caring in turn creates and sustains a positive school culture.  Blundell also benefits from a diverse community where families bring their knowledge, values and experiences to enrich all of our lives.