Blundell Elementary School


We moved forward into the 2018-2019 school year with many new students, families and staff members.    Scroll through the pictures above to see what actions we've taken towards our goal.

Through our year long scanning and action processes, we learned:

  • building relationships and connections take time, effort and intentionality; we will continue to focus on this next year
  • direct teaching and modelling of socially responsible behaviours, attitudes and values are essential; don't make assumptions about what you think people know
  • what you see on the outside may not necessarily be what's also happening in the inside; be curious and observant (ask questions)
  • WE CAN DO THIS! WE'VE BEGUN THE JOURNEY AND CAN SEE PROGRESS. See the Evidence Blog below to learn more about the progress we have made towards our goal.  Each day, we see the connections and joy in our students as they play and learn together.

So what's next for 2019-2020?  We continue to focus on the Social Responsibility Competencies of contributing to the community, valuing diversity and building strong relationships.