Blundell Elementary School


Tuesday, Sept. 7th--First Day!

Tuesday, September 7th

ALL students will attend from 10:00am-11:00am

Returning Blundell students will report to LAST year’s classroom with one exception.  Please see the list below as to where to take your child.

Div. 9-(Ms. O’Connell) to the library with Ms. Quine

Div. 8-(Ms. David) to Room 5 with Ms. Musil

Div. 7-(Ms. Casado) to Room 12 with Ms. Neuman

Div. 6 (Ms. Lam) to Room 2 with Ms. Lam

Div. 5 (Mr. Smith) to Room 1 with Ms. Bae

Div. 4 (Mr. Chu) to Room 8 with Mr. Chu

Div. 3 (Mr. Cooper) to Room 4with Mr. Cooper

Div. 1 and 2 (Ms. Ng and Mr. Dennis) to Room 13 with Mr. Dennis

Students starting Kindergarten will report to the Ms. O’Connell’s Room 6  with Ms. O’Connell and Ms. David.  Please meet in the area indicated on the map.

Kindergarten students will follow the gradual entry schedule attached.  Also on our school website.

Students NEW to Blundell, please come to the main entrance at the front of the school. You and your child will be placed with an appropriate age group and walked to your classroom.  You will pick your child up from this classroom. This will be your child’s classroom for the week.

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