School Story 2020-2021

How will we know we have made a big enough difference?

Our evidence for this year is strictly anecdotal.  In September 2020, 50 of our 190 students chose transitional learning and 140 students returned for in person learning. Over the course of the year, at various entry points, the majority of students returned to in person learning, some joined us in late May and early June.  We were excited to have as many bodies back in person to complete our school year. In June 2021, we had less than 15 students that ended the year with transitional learning.

All learners completed a self-assessment in each area of Core Competencies.

Next steps…

With our return to school in September 2021, as a staff we will revisit our present question for our school story.  We will look at the Spirals of Inquiry and complete a scan of our school and observe what we notice.  We will complete an appreciative inquiry to review our strengths as we continue to move forward through the pandemic.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021