Blundell Elementary School


Our Inquiry Focus:

This year continues to be a year of change at Blundell.  With many new families, 8 new staff members and a core group of new PAC executives, we are all learning to work together to support the students at our school.  As adults, we lead and guide the culture of our school with our values, actions and words.

A continued focus on building relationships and community fits well then with our current situation.  This year, we want to "take action" and be more explicit with the connection between building community and several core competencies.  These competencies include: Personal Awareness (I feel good about myself and about being a Blundell Bobcat), Social Responsibility (I can work and play respectfully and safely in our shared space) and Communication (I can listen and respond to others respectfully).   

Through classroom activities, buddy opportunities, school wide events, community events and feedback from staff, students and parents, we will monitor the impact our actions have on our community.